Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My Characters have Hijacked my Blog

     I have been doing a lot of blog writing lately, but now it's time to start writing the random stories, poems, and novels stuck in my head.  Some of my blogging friends and I have joined together to create a collaborative story called "Unreal Estate."  Each of us adds three paragraphs to the story and then sends the story on its way to a new friend.
     I decided to sign up on a whim and then I panicked.  The negative voice in my head was in fine form.  When I found out it was my day to write, I was sure I was going to have to beg my way out of the group.  I managed to breathe, remembered all the writing tips I've learned, and slowly wrote three paragraphs.
     A funny thing happened in paragraph two.  I decided to add a new character to the story.  She was a demure woman holding a gun, scared and unsure if the man lying in front of her was dangerous, but also wanting to make sure he was okay.  As I wrote, she looked over my shoulder, and she was not happy with me.  She knew exactly who she was and what she would say and she wasn't scared or worried.  She was mad at this man and was ready to kill him.  All I could do was try to keep up with her.  When I was done, she said, "That's better!" and left.
     I have heard other authors talk about their characters hijacking their stories, but I always thought they were exaggerating or just sharing a humorous anecdote.  I did not know the characters actually do come to life and hijack the story so the author doesn't mess it up.
     Of course, part of the group requirements are that I post the newest additions to the story on my blog.  Well, those of you who know me from other blogs know I can't have the worlds collide.  I now have six blogs because each new idea has to have its own space.  They cannot share blogs.  So, today is a new blog because Tequila, my newest character, hijacked me, told me her name and told me what to say.  I hope she approves of this blog!  

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